How to learn to live independently, the main factors

How to learn to live independently, the main factors

This question is of concern to many, but few have thought about what is meant by words to live independently. One of the purposes of this article is to understand what we mean by “an independent person”, “an independent choice” and in general “independence”.

There are two approaches here:

  1. which is quite common today, the fact that a person does whatever he or she wants.
  2. independence, which is inherent in a mature person.

We will discuss the second approach. Independence is a quality that allows a person to subordinate their behavior to their beliefs. But this does not mean that it is necessary to reject anybody else’s opinion or advice, but on the contrary, an independent person is always ready to listen to advice, but at the same time critically disassemble and analyze, rather than accept and obey without hesitation.

An important factor
Thus, an important factor in an independent life is the ability to set goals for yourself and achieve them, based on your mind, reasoning and planning all your actions step by step. The ability to plan is also one of the most important points. Thus, the ability to solve one’s problems by oneself, to find ways to solve them, and in case of failure, to analyze one’s actions and find mistakes instead of blaming others or circumstances, is developed. It turns out that this way it is possible to consciously regulate your activity.

At first glance, this scheme is not so complicated, but there is another important point, which is the development of one’s own will. We always have a choice, but we only have to choose one option and follow it. Especially often, when choosing a goal halfway through, new alternatives emerge that can be quite competitive and so all the time.

If we follow this path, we will never achieve our goal. It is important not to deviate from your goal, it requires an additional volitional process to control the actions. That is, the will is the ability to fulfill their desires and goals. A volitional act also has certain components that are directed at the final result of the volitional act.

How to learn to live independently, the main factors

It is necessary to make sufficient efforts to fulfill the will act.
There should be a well-planned scheme for achieving the goal (as we mentioned above).
Focus and maximum attention in relation to the act of will, exclusion of competitive circumstances.
Finally, very often our volitional efforts are directed not only at achieving the goal, but also at overcoming our weaknesses. This is the way that will allow you to live independently.